Eco Friendly Dry Cleaning

Eco Friendly Dry Cleaning in Fort Worth


  • Dry cleaning is the process of cleaning clothes with chemicals that are hazardous to the environment.

    Wet cleaning is the process of using water and specialized equipment to clean “Dry Cleaning clothes.”

    Throughout time, we became aware of the negative effects of certain hazardous chemicals being used in the dry cleaning industry. Thanks to the discovery of “Professional Wet Cleaning”, specialized equipment has been developed to assist in the finishing of wet cleaned garments. Wet cleaning process is safe to use on all types of clothing.

    Cousins Cleaners uses a water based formula process called Wet Cleaning to clean almost anything that can be dry cleaned. We use biodegeradable detergents and state of the art equipment. Wet cleaning is considered the most green method for professional cleaning. With Eco-friendly cleaning, clothes fade less, feels softer, and have a fresher smell than traditional dry cleaning.

  • Eco Friendly Dry Cleaning Features

    Water- based, Non-toxic,
    No-air pollution
    No chemical smell, Great for asthmatics, and allergy sufferers.
    Whites get whiter
    More effective spot removal – Most stains are water based.
    Can be used on most items labeled “Dry Clean Only”.
    Much more efficient use of water than home washers.